DB2/400 PHP Demo

DB2/400 PHP Demo

Welcome to the DB2/400 Linux, PHP, and ODBC demo. This set of web pages showcases iSeries DB2/400, Linux, PHP, and ODBC all working together. (now using DB2_CONNECT)

Starting in V5R1, a sample employee information database was shipped with OS/400. This application accesses the data stored in that database using an Apache web server, running in a Linux partition on an iSeries system, and using the iSeries ODBC driver to retrieve data.


The setup for this demo is fairly simple. You need:

  • A system running PHP, probably under the Apache web server.
  • PHP must be have unixODBC support compiled in.
  • The iSeries unixODBC driver must be installed.

If all of the above is true, the following link should work to start the demo:


Note that at the bottom of each page is a link that will show you the source for the page.